Hello there, I’m Serbian wedding photographer. My name is Klem Dragan, and I am the guy behind the lens. I like to know what the person behind is all about, how everything started and what the story is there. I believe we all have our own story worth telling.  In two words, little shy and mysterious kind of person but contradictory to that very talkative. That’s how I see myself. I started with photography very early with the beginning of the digital era. This days that was excitement to be outside exploring. In later years I realized that the ordinary can be made extraordinary, that the little moments matter. Not everything beautiful is extravagant. It can be something simple, that most people don’t even notice.

Hello! I’m Dragan Klem, the guy behind the lens.

I’m a feeling person, an adventurer, a coffee lover and a photographer! Finding new perspectives, learning new things, discovering new places, cultures and people is what inspires me. I strongly believe in the human connection, differences between people and trust. My goal is to replicate that into capturing candid personalized photos. I'm always looking for a certain visual balance to create a tailored atmosphere for each couple, just that special something which bring photos to life.

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